MRL & Car & Goods Lift
MRL Lift

Machine Room Less (MRL) lifts are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself. They don”t require to build a separate elevator machine room.

MRL lifts allow you architectural flexibility, but they also provide fast, powerful and energy efficient transportation. Though traction lifts were originally limited to high rises, the innovative MRL design has allowed engineers to adapt traction elevators for low rise buildings and multi story homes

Car Lift

Hydraulic Lift has a perfect solution for Car/Vehicle lifts for underground and aboveground parking garages. Car lifts provide many advantages to builders and building owners in helping save valuable space and costs by avoiding ramp constructions within the parking garages. Hydraulic Lift can provide Car Elevator solutions specific to customer requirements with a capacity of up to 4000 kgs and travel up to 4 levels (50 feet).

Goods Lift

Unlike passenger lifts, Goods lifts operate at considerably reduced speeds. Recommended speeds range from 15 to 25 meters per minute(50 to 80 ft. per minute). Higher speeds increase the running costs. The control system in this type of lifts is usually of the semi-automatic type, or is fully steering. The lift-car is designed to withstand the heaviest load traffic.

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